Holiday Gift Guide: For Plant Lovers


I put together a gift guide for that special plant lover you have in mind this holiday season. This is a mix of items that I personally have and love to recommend, as well as some items that I have been eyeing for myself. All of these products retail for under $50 and make a great gift for any new plant parent or a plant pro. I also made sure to search for items you can find not only on Amazon and large retailers, but also from Etsy and other small shops. 

1. Glass Plant Mister Spray Bottle $12.99

2. Little Book of Houseplants $7.97

3. Propagation Station $13.99

4. Handcrafted Macrame Plant Hanger $28.00

5. Bloomscape Plant Shop Gift Card  $50.00

6. Plant Moisture Meter $13.99

7. Mini Terracotta Planter $5.00

8. Half Moon Planter $14.00

9. Plant Tarp $32.00

10. Garden Gloves $16.00

11. Watercolor Ceramic Pot $8.00

12. Wild at Home Book $17.19



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