Guadalajara & Tequila, Jalisco Travel Guide & Itinerary

About Guadalajara, Mexico

Located in western Mexico, Guadalajara is the capital of the state of Jalisco and is part of the Mesa del Central, a high plateau that crosses the States of Jalisco, Durango and Zacatecas. Founded in 1531, today Guadalajara is a major Latin American city and is an international center of business, finance, arts and culture. The city is home to numerous landmarks, including Guadalajara Cathedral, the Teatro Degollado, the Templo Expiatorio and the Saun Jan de Dios Market – the largest indoor market in Latin America. Guadalajara is also an important cultural center in Mexico and is home to many Mexican cultural traditions including mariachi, tequila and birria.

About Tequila, Mexico

Located about 60 km from Guadalajara, the town of Tequila stands recognized worldwide as the birthplace of the iconic spirit. The popularity and rich history of the drink has made the town and the area around it a World Heritage Site, a landmark or area that is protected by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).


Friday, May 13th

Check in at Casa Habita
Location: Miguel Lerdo de Tejada 2308, Col Americana, Lafayette, 44160 Guadalajara, Jal.

Dinner at HUESO
Location: Efraín González Luna 2061, Col Americana, Obrera, 44140 Guadalajara, Jal.

Led by renowned chef Alfonso Cadena, this restaurant is set in a refurbished 1940s building, the whitewashed walls are lined with a collection of over 10,000 animal and plant bones mounted on various layers of wood. The unique aesthetics of the restaurant are not its only draw, the menu is constantly evolving and boasts excellent and innovative dishes, served only the freshest and ripest local ingredients.

Sonia de la Espinola, Director of the Beckmann Foundation, to join dinner and lead a master tasting, providing insights into the Cuervo family legacy as well as Cuervo’s commitment to the land and people of Tequila and Mexico.

Saturday, May 14th

Jose Cuervo Express Check In
Location: Av. Circunvalación Agustín Yáñez 10, Moderna, 44910 Guadalajara, Jal.
The Jose Cuervo Express arrives in Tequila, Jalisco Train Station
Location: Hidalgo 369, La Mezcalera, 46403 Tequila, Jal.


After the express train experience we departed for the Jose Cuervo Agave Fields where we did an “Into The Fields Experience” (Not sure if anyone can sign up to do this, but I would defintily look into it because it was a nice experience)

This unique experience will allow guests to breathe fresh air and enjoy the wonders that the agave fields have to share.

  • Learn about the agave growing process, from planting to harvest
  • Demonstration of agave harvesting
  • Jima Demonstration
  • Q&A with Guillermo Francke, Director of Agriculture or a representative member, on Jose Cuervo’s agave farming practices
Check in to Hotel Solar de Las Animas
Location: Ramón Corona 86, Centro, 46400 Tequila, Jal.


Lunch at Anexo Chucho Reyes
Location: Hacienda Centenario Mundo Cuervo


Akamba Music Festival 2022

ABOUT THE AKAMBA FESTIVAL: AKAMBA is a two-day music festival taking place in Tequila, Mexico, hosting two dozen agave in the local Purépecha language: an extravagant, strong, productive and resilient plant - symbolic of the region’s values. The festival is a celebration of music, art and the rich heritage of the region.


Sunday, May 15th

The Home That Tequila Made Ceremony -
Location: Camichines Lote 4, Manzana 3, Tequila,Jal.

Introduction and Q&A with the ITESO university, TEQ and MORO studio team, as part of the program Recycling Value Chain

  • The “House That Tequila Made” is a continuation of Jose Cuervo’s efforts as part of The

Agave Project – an initiative started in 2019 to spearhead the company’s commitment to agave and create a circular economy by repurposing materials that result from the tequila production process to ultimately make the process of producing tequila more sustainable.

  • The house will be built by reusing, repurposing and recycling materials and products that come from the tequila production process, including: bottles, bagasse (agave fiber byproduct) and discarded barrels. The house will also repurpose resources from the land of Tequila, including soil, clay and rocks from Tequila’s volcano.

Walk to La Rojeña Distillery Tour 
Location: José Cuervo # 73, Centro, 46400 Tequila, Jal.

The oldest active distillery in Latin America, La Rojeña is where Jose Cuervo is produced. While visiting, you’ll learn more about tequila production and learn about Jose Cuervo’s significance in this very important landmark in tequila production.

Walk through the Juan Beckmann Gallardo Cultural Center -
Location: Calle Jose Cuervo 124, Col. Centro, Tequila, Jalisco México.

The Museum and Centro Cultural Juan Beckman Gallardo offers a rich archeological, historical and cultural content related to the history of tequila and Mexico.

Dinner & Cocktails at Tienda de Raya
Location: Hacienda el Centenario

Boasts the largest bar counter in Latin America, whose character is enhanced by a host of local and regional objets d'art and mementoes. The historic bars collected together here each preserve their original personality while combining into a unique work of art.

Closing Ceremony “Agave Experience & Consciousness”
Location: Salón Tradicional or Ruedo

This activity starts with a heart opening cacao - agave ceremony and meditation guided by The Gipsy Wolf, who will be performing and sharing an instrumental session. The sound journey will end with a sweet dance.


About Casa Habita

Casa Habita is located in Lafayette, Guadalajara’s trendiest neighborhood, known for art, design, and culinary delights. The hotel amenities include a swimming pool with a pool bar, bikes available for guest use, and an inhouse restaurant and spa. Casa Habita is part of a brand-new high rise, where the thirty-seven suites are located.

About Hotel Solar de las Ánimas

This hotel is set alongside the church of “Santiago Apostol” and offers a great view of this cultural landmark. It boasts 93 unique rooms where state-of-the-art technology and comfort blend in perfect harmony to offer each guest an authentic and personalized experience of this charming town with over two centuries of history and tradition.


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