How to start manifesting and living your best life

To be honest, for the past two years, I have been working and investing in myself – a lot! Manifestation proved to be my door opener for many things, especially when it comes to inviting and spreading positive energy. How I shaped my thoughts and stayed positive about the future resulted in amazing opportunities and manifesting what I envisioned. Thus, I want to share my tips and insights with you and show you how with gratitude, manifesting, and visualization, you can reach everything you can think of!

But first, let us take a deeper look into what manifestation means.

What is manifestation?

The concept of manifestation means taking an idea, in collaboration with thoughts, feelings, and beliefs, and bringing it into a physical reality. Therefore, manifesting is the ability to focus on the things you want, train your mind to adapt to this lifestyle, and bring these desires into reality.

It all starts in the mind. However, it is not only about the power of reaching your imagination or staying positive about the future. It is rather about the intention and directing your energy and thought towards that place where you visualize yourselves!

Manifestation goes far beyond positive self-talk. In reality, it is about beginning to feel, believe and act as if everything we want to achieve is already real. Here is how you can start your process of manifestation.

Be clear about your goals

Naturally, everyone's approach to this practice is different. After all, we all have different goal-setting priorities or areas of our life that we would like to work on, improve or develop. The most important thing is to be clear, only you know what you want to achieve or how far you want to go, so whether it is a new job, improving your relationships, or obtaining something that is not yet part of your reality, recognize it, name it and own it.

Put it on paper

What the mind forgets, the paper keeps alive. Start a manifestation journal but do it in a fun way. Write a letter to yourself in which you visualize your dream life as if it was already a reality. And be very specific because the details do matter. The good part is you can always go back to the starting pages to see how far you have come! Journalism is the best self-care method to give yourself a safe space to express your thoughts and feelings without judgment. 

Turn anxiety into excitement

It's normal to feel nervous about how the manifestation process will work with all the goal-setting pressure. However, you can't let it consume you. Imagine that you are reading a book that catches your attention, and you have no idea how the story ends. Like watching a movie without spoilers! Make that uncertainty serve you as motivation to keep going. And don’t forget to give yourself some self-love time when you reach your goal!

Identify areas of abundance in your life

We always tend to focus on what we lack instead of what we already have. The point of manifestation is concentrating on the areas of your life that you already have in abundance and feel truly happy about them. So instead of putting your energy and attention on scarcity, give it a self-love twist by showing gratitude for what you already have and looking for ways to improve your quality of life.

Give new changes a chance

When you start your manifestation journey, you will probably feel fear and concern about leaving behind your past ways, but manifesting your dream life also means making sacrifices. Once you start noticing the changes in your daily life, you will have complete control over your life and make your own rules. Being open to changes is essential to take action. Don't allow yourself to hold back your new and better reality because of the fear of leaving your past behind. Empower yourself with some positive self-talk to spark up the courage you need.

Manifesting will make you grateful for what you have and joyfully vibrate positivity. It will stimulate you to become a better self. Ask the universe for what you are ready to receive in life, whether in meditation, visualizations, literally saying it out loud, creating a vision board, or writing it down on paper. Dare to manifest your dreams, trust that you can materialize everything you set out to do and that you deserve to receive everything you work for. Manifest to the universe, take action and see all you can achieve.

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