How To Create An Office Oasis

What makes an office? For me it's simply a desk and my laptop. In this blog post I will be sharing some helpful decor tips to help you transform your boring or plain office space into your own oasis.


Create a Mood Board

First, I would like to give some credit to World Market. I collaborated with them to help transform my small apartment nook into a boho, plant loving, dreamy escape. 

Like any makeover begins for me, I like to go on Pinterest to gather up some inspiration to create a quick little mood board. Below you can see what mood board I came up with for this space. 


Create a Product List and Budget

After creating my mood board it is time to create your product list keeping your budget in mind if you have one. I went to the World Market website and gathered up all of the items I loved and knew would be perfect for the space. This is the time when you find yourself adding so much to your cart, but don't worry, you'll maybe go through that at the end and remove some items! Or don't, totally up to you! 

If you are sourcing items from different sites, expect to spend hours on your product list! After spending quite some time searching for the perfect products, I created y product list which you can see below.



Start With a Statement Piece

What I find helpful is working around a statement piece or two. For me that was this gorgeous green swivel chair and this bold butterfly wall decor. I knew I wanted these pieces and my houseplants to be the main inspiration for this room and that the rest of the decor should be very neutral and match well with my Ikea desk.

Add Plants

So if you know my style at all, then you know my decor style incorporates a lot of plants. Plants bring peace to my space and truly make me feel happier and more calm. An office is a perfect space to add plants no matter what lighting situation you might have. This nook has a good sized window with a lot of sunlight throughout the day. This was perfect because I knew I wanted a lot of plants in this space to give it more of a jungle escape vibe. 

Because this room gets a lot of sunlight, I was able to add the following plants: Monstera Deliciosa, Monstera Adansonii, Calathea Medallion, Alocasia Polly, Rhaphidophora Tetrasperma, Money Tree, Rubber Plant, and Pepperomia. 

If your space does not have the greatest sunlight, you can still have a great selection of plants! Some low light plants you might like are, pothos, snake plants, philodendrons, dracaena, and more. 


Add Texture and Desk Decor

The way I added some texture into this space was by adding a curtain. I don't usually use curtains for my space, but this really helped make the space come together nicely. Another idea is adding some seagrass baskets or blankets or pillows on your desk chair.

Lastly, you can add some final details by incorporating desk accessories. I don't keep too much on my desk because I prefer a simple office desk surface. However, it is always good to add pieces that bring you happiness and you find yourself reaching for on a daily basis. For example, besides my laptop, I like to keep my planner and my journal on my desk. My journal works as a nice decor piece and I also have my rubber plant on my desk because I love taking a peak at it often when I am working. 




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