Avocado Seed to Plant

If you’re reading this, you probably want to start your Avocado seed journey after seeing all of those cool propagating photos on Instagram. Or, you might have no idea what this is about but love Avocados and want to learn more. I first learned about growing my own Avocado plant by stumbling across some photos on Instagram. I quickly looked at How To videos and wanted to give it a go. On my first try, I attempted with two different seeds. Only one ended up showing promise. Quickly after, I decided to try it out with more seeds, and they are all doing great!

So, first thing you should know before beginning your Avo Journey is that there are two different methods you can try. The method I used for my first Avocado seed is the slowest way, but I was not aware of the other method at the time.

METHOD 1: Toothpicks

First things first, make some guac or avo toast so you can get the Avocado seed. Try not to damage the seed when you are cutting the avocado as well. Once you get the seed out, wash off any avocado with some water and dry it. Next, you will want to begin to peel the avocado seed. I wasn’t sure about this step at first but you will get the hang of it once you start peeling. Mine did not turn out the cleanest the first time but it’s okay, just clean it the best you can. Also, just use you finger nails. Trying to use a peeler will definitely damage your avocado.

  1. Clean and peek you avocado seed.

  2. Use three toothpicks and slightly insert them onto your avocado like it shows below. (This will hold you Avocado up if you are using a mason jar like I first did).

  3. Make sure the pip (avocado seed) is only half way into the water.

  4. Make sure it gets good lighting! (I keep all of mine on my kitchen window sill which is south facing).

  5. Now we wait…

Here are photo showing my first Avocado seed throughout many weeks.

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