I’m sure we all know that a mi me gusta comer bien (i like to eat good)! So of course, I want you all to be able to experience some of the wonderful meals and drinks that NYC has to offer. NYC is a diverse city consisting of 5 different boroughs and hundreds, if not thousands, of different cultures densely together. Anything you are craving is a couple subway stops away or a long walk through immaculate city vibes. The following are just a few spots in Manhattan and Brooklyn which I have enjoyed and hope you will as well.

M a n h a t t a n

Starbucks Reserve

Starbucks, how basic. Is that what you were thinking? Well let me tell you that this is no regular Starbucks. Starbucks has six reserves which are found in: Seattle, Chicago, New York, Shanghai, Milano, and Tokyo. The New York Starbucks Reserve is truly a coffee lover experience. You can learn about different coffees cultivated for Starbucks and try flavors exclusively for the reserve. My favorite part is the bar! I recommend the espresso martini flight as it is truly a delight.

Jack’s Wife Freda

A great spot with multiple locations throughout the city and described as “South African Israeli Jewish Grandmother Cuisine” by New York Magazine. I personally recommend the Mediterranean Breakfast with a Cantalope Mimosa. It was the perfect meal to get my day started.

Ariana Afgan Kebab Restaurant

This has been a stop of mine on my last few visits to the city. This was a recommendation from a friend which resulted in being one of my favorite places to get a warm cooked meal. Make sure to ask for all the sauces, every single one will add a wonder of flavor to the already amazing meal.

Mr. Purple

This is a great spot for nightlife in the Lower East Side. The music will have you dropping down low to throwbacks and current top hits. There are multiple bars which helps lessen the wait time for a drink. 

Oh K-Dog NYC

Just finished hitting up the bars and have drunchies? This place will hit! If you can’t decide between a corn dog or a cheese dog, there is the option to do both IN ONE!

Xi’an Famous Foods

Big, fat, juicy, hot noodz. N2 - Spicy and Tingly Beef Hand-Ripped Noodles. That is all you really have to know.

Cafe Leon Dore

Inspired by Greek culture, this coffee shop serves deliciousness in a cup. You cannot really go wrong with an iced Freddo espresso or an iced Freddo cappucino. The cold foam on these drinks will have your sweet tooth in heaven. This location is small and only a cople people are allowed to enter at a time. So you may have to wait in line, but its worth every drip of that delicious foamy coffee.

Magnolia Bakery

This is a must every time I am in New York City. There sre multiple locations throughout the city and yes, there is one in Los Angles. However, I love stopping at the Rockefeller Center location. I’m sure everything on the menu is tasty, however the banana pudding is life changing. The consistency, the banana chunks, the wafer pieces, the flavor, all of it is exquisite. Perfect walking around the city snack.

Absolute Bagels

2788 Broadway, New York, NY 10025

The line here will be long and you NEED cash! However, it is all worth it. Not only are they generous with their schmear, but they have some of the best in the city and some of the best I have ever had.

Magic Hour Roof Top Bar and Lounge

Talk about a fun environment with great photo ops! Spinning floral carousel, fun neon signs, and large art decor, you really can take your pick for your pics. There is plenty of room to socialize and enjoy brunch. You can also play mini golf with great city views whilst sipping on a seltzer and making holes in one.

The Stonewall Inn

Grab a drink and watch a drag show at this historic bar. This is where Pride began. It is surreal to be able to further educate yourself at the site of the 1969 riots that launched the gay rights movement. The drag show performance I witnessed brought me to tears.

The Halal Guys

Yes, you can get this anywhere in the United States. But imagine getting it from the street cart at the original location where it all started. Nothing like eating a combo platter and people watching in New York City. Extra white sauce and extra hot sauce, if you can handle it.

Katz’s Delicatessen

This place is absolutely iconic. There is a reason why every celebrity in town has stopped yo eat here. The pastrami sandwich with pickles is a must have. The sandwiches are stacked high with so much meat, you’ll definitely willo get your moneys worth.

B r o o k l y n

Skinny Dennis

The definition of a honky tonk bar. This is a great place to grab a few beers and listent to a live band in a fun and intimate setting. This places brings in a diverse crowd with people of all ages. 

Horses and Divorces

285 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Hands down one of my favorite bars in Brooklyn! The staff are welcoming and attentive. You can play pool, socialize, or sit at the bar and enjoy a cold one on your own. We made some great friends here who we still keep in touch with, such a memorable experience! 

Ten Hope BK

A location with great outdoor seating, their patio is the perfect place to grab a refreshing cocktail on a sunny summers day.

Cafe Balearica

A trendy place with disco vibes. This is a great place to grab a cocktail and chat with friends. Cafe Balearica had a unique atmosphere influenced by lights and colors of the Balearic Islands. Even on a Sunday night you will find people trickling in and out of this cool spot.

These are just a few NYC suggestions from my last few visits. Make sure to come back for more in the future and send your suggestions to @classycasita on instagram.

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