Before/After Living Room Reveal

Most current photo of our living room. 
After 6 months of living in our new San Jose casita, I am finally beginning to feel content with our living room setup. Don't get me wrong, some things get moved around every week, but thats the fun part about decorating and freshening up. 
Before moving to San Jose from San Diego, we were not able to see this home in person. Sina and I actually found it on Zillow and it was within our budget and the exact neighborhood we wanted to rent in. So luckily we had Sina's sister who lives in the area get a tour in our place. 
This is what the living room looked like, bare walled and all. 
I did not know exactly what kind of feel the home would have since I was not there in person, but I knew I liked the layout. I liked that the living room sat perfectly in between the family room and dining nook. 
Don't get me started on large windows, that and the hardwood floors alone were the main things I was looking for. The large windows are perfect for my dozens of plants that need good sunlight, and the wood floors are made for  bogo rugs. 
We first started off with our two main statement pieces, the rug and of course the couch. We knew we were finally ready to invest in a good couch, and we could not be more in love with a piece of furniture. Our large 121"w couch is the Tuxedo 2pc Sectional from APT2B in beige. This couch is so comfortable, and having a couch depth that is large and over 36 is key. Ours has a depth of 39" on the couch side and 88" on the sectional side. 
The second big item we were searching for was out statement rug. This took quite a few days searching and searching a handful of websites that had rugs within our budget. We found this boho/tribal one from Safavie available on Amazon.


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