Refresh your home. With the help of houseplants!

We all know the feeling of being in a rut or bored with our space.
Maybe every season you want to change things up around your
home to make it feel new and refreshed. Often times you think you
need to rearrange your entire living room, or start purchasing new
decor items. There is nothing wrong with that, everyone in love with
home decor is guilty of this, but it will eventually get too
overwhelming and often times you end up changing things back to the way they were.
When you are feeling in need of a refresh, try adding some green into your home.

Plants do not just belong outdoors, every year more and more
people are introducing plants into their own home for not just the
decor aspect, but for some self care. It took me a trip to Bali,
Indonesia to realize how desperately I needed a refresh and change
my mood at home, so I began to add plants into my home to remind
me of my love for nature. I began by adding plants into my living
room, and that quickly turned into adding plants into every room
and bathroom. No matter where you turn, you’ll find a plant!

Plants can transform any space.

No matter the space, a nice houseplant can completely transform it.
Whether its a cute little snake plant by your tv stand, or a huge
fiddle leaf fig or palm overlooking your bed, adding a touch of
nature will just naturally make you feel revitalized. You can also take
it to the next level by dressing up your plants with some decor pieces
such as wicker baskets and macrame plant hangers.

Plants make you feel GOOD.

It’s known that being in nature helps improve your mood and health,
so why not bring nature into your home? Many plants such as aloe
vera and Chinese Evergreens actually help purify the air in your
home. Overall, adding houseplants into your home will give it more
life. Whether you have a few plants here and there or you decide to
turn your home into a cozy jungle, you’ll sure make an impression
on your guests, but most importantly you’ll feel more at home.


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