Top 10 Rules For Fiddle Leaf Fig Care

A post by resident plant expert Claire Akin from Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant Resource


Fiddle leaf fig plants can be a bit tricky to take care of, especially when you are a new plant owner. However, there are some standard rules for caring for your plant that will help keep it healthy and strong. Here are my top 10 rules for fiddle leaf fig care!

1.Don’t Water Too Much

Don’t drown your plant! Too much of any good thing can end up being a bad thing! Plants need water to thrive, but never leave your plant with soaking-wet roots or soil, and allow about a week between each watering.

2. Accept The Loss Of Older Leaves

As your plant grows, it will shed older leaves, which are generally toward the bottom of your plant. Think of it like humans losing baby teeth! We have to lose the old so we can bring in the new.

3. Humidity Is Your Friend

Ideally, your plant will need anywhere from 30-65% humidity. You can provide some extra humidity by buying a humidifier, but make sure your plant isn’t too close to a heating vent, which could scorch or over-dry it.

4. Repot When Needed

As humans grow in stature, we also outgrow things like shoes. The same happens when your plant starts growing; but instead of shoes, it may outgrow its pot. A good rule of thumb is if you see the roots growing near the bottom or edges of your pot, you may need to repot your plant.

5. Feed Them

Healthy plants require proper nutrition to stay healthy! That’s why I recommend using a diluted fertilizer each time you feed your plant in the spring and summer months. Limit to every other watering in the fall months and no fertilizer in winter months.

6. Weekly Checkups

When making a new friend, you spend time with them to get to know them better. You should be doing the same with your new plant friend! Check on your plant regularly, preferably weekly, to check the soil, leaves, and roots. Also, make sure you rotate your plant so each side gets proper sunlight exposure.

7. Treat Problems Quickly

If you see any brown spots on your plant’s leaves, or insect infestation, or an abundance of dropped leaves, you will want to act quickly as these are all signs of problems with your plant.

8. Let Them Rest During Winter Months

Because plants in the wild receive less sunlight during winter than in summer or spring months, your plant will have less energy to help with its metabolic functions. Give your plant some time to rest in the winter by not fertilizing and watering less during those months.

9. Proper Drainage

Roots need both oxygen and water to thrive, but too much of either is not good for your plant. Making sure your plant has an adequate drainage system, and watching that it drains entirely after each watering, allows for easy breathing for your plant.

10. Use The Right Tools

To care for your fiddle leaf fig plant, you’ll need:

Good To Go!

As you get to know your plant and practice caring for it each week, you’ll quickly develop a habit with these top 10 rules for caring for your fiddle leaf fig plant. To learn more about how to care for your fiddle leaf fig, watch our Ultimate Fiddle Leaf Fig Webinar now!

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