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Plant Clips

Plant Clips

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  • EASY STICK DESIGN: With the Classy Casita Home Plant Clips, you can simply peel off the protective film and press it onto your wall. No hassle in applying stickers yourself!
  • ELEGANT DESIGN: These plant vine clips are almost invisible and don't distract from the beauty of your plants. They come in a lovely leaf-like color to blend with all types of leaves.
  • HIGH QUALITY & BUILT STRONG: These plant leaf shape plant clips are made to last. Whether in your home or outdoors, they'll hold to almost any surface without damaging stems.
  • PERFECT FOR ALL PLANTS: Our plant climbing holder can handle growing, climbing, or trailing all your indoor and outdoor plants. Keep your plants growing in an aesthetically pleasing manner with ease!
  • GREAT FINDS: Classy Casita's Plant climbing wall clips are a game-changer for how you grow your plants. Enhance your plants' growth and allow nodes to attach to points without damaging stems. Great gift for plant lovers!

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For plant lovers, by a plant lover

Whether you’re a perfect plant parent living in an indoor jungle, or just starting your plant collection and journey, a Classy Casita moisture meter is the perfect addition for your plant needs. This classy and playful design makes garden and plant care more fun, and it makes the perfect gift!